Services Offered

CWUC is a one stop shop for your sales and marketing needs.

With our expertise and experience in calling for businesses and creating opportunities, Call World delivers quality leads and create opportunities in a single business call. We study your target market and create and approach to get you to your prospect's doors by presenting your company and products and generating interest.

Call World Universal Corp. is a sales and marketing firm that specializes in lead generation through cold calling and appointment setting services, and surveys and database profiling.

We help companies like yours acquire and expand their market, greatly increasing their sales and revenue potential by cold calling, generating qualified sales leads and setting qualified appointments.

Our calling campaigns are packaged on a monthly basis, with our agents calling full-time for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for about 22 business days within a month. We offer both full-time and half-time program.

As a company we offer you services that are of the highest standard and at extremely competitive rates.